Autumn Reflections

Autumn Reflections
Happy Fall, Y'all! 
-from our family to yours

At The Care Neighborhood we had a few practices over the season.

  • Cozy AF (alcohol-free) Nights
  • Honoring Ancestors on November Eve / Halloween
  • Social Hours
  • Self-care Micro-practices
  • Thanksgiving

As we transition to the next season, I want to pause and reflect and recap a few things from the autumn/fall.

Cozy AF (alcohol-free) Nights: Statistics show that alcohol consumption has increased over the past few years, especially during the Pandemic. I found myself drinking more than I wanted and drinking every day in 2020.  I reached out to a counselor, and she gave me the advice to try a sober night once or twice a week.  It could help to break the pattern, help me practice other methods of relaxation, and cut back my alcohol consumption overall.  I was glad to share my own practice in The Care Neighborhood, invite community care into this self-care practice.  Here are some ideas for an alcohol-free night on any day of the week.

Mocktail Monday

Try a spirit-free cocktail recipe.  I used grapefruit sparkling water, orange juice, margarita mix along with fresh lime and cayenne for an extra kick!







Tea for Tuesday

In place of relaxing with a glass of wine at the end of the night, how about a soothing cup of tea? Local honey, cookies, and a cute cup make this even more special.

Water Wednesday

Drink more water. And to stay on theme, I enjoyed a soak in the tub.  I also tried a teabag eye mask.  It's very comforting after Zoom meeting and screen use eye strain.













We made crafts and cupcakes!


Fire Friday

Try getting in touch with the fire element.  In the fall, we had good weather and good kindling from dried leaves and sticks that made a gorgeous outdoor fire. To me, watching the flames and feeling the warmth feels meditative.  When it is too cold to be outside, I'll use my indoor gas fire. A candle or even a video of a crackling fire works okay too.


Saturday Cider Day (hot or cold)

Try a seasonal beverage. We went to the Apple Orchard and got some yummy, fresh apple cider. 

Sunday Breakfast Anytime

It is fun to cook something simple and fresh and to have breakfast for dinner.  I made eggs with caprese.

November Eve / Halloween: Near the end of October, I like taking time to honor ancestors.  I reflect on those who influenced me in the familial sense and the legacy sense.  

A Meal for the Ancestors / Comfort Food

I was really happy to find a local Puerto Rican restaurant and get takeout!

Showing support for my LGBTQ+ Ancestors and current Activists. This sweatshirt is warm and soft, and just right for the cool autumn days. It's from the Gender Reveal Podcast and states: "Support Trans Media." 

Self-care Micro-practices: A micro-practice is a small ritual that can be done on-the-go or as a moment of pause. I was privileged to facilitate micro-practices with my colleagues in my work role.  Taking time for small rituals of creativity, connection, and community is a big part of what The Care Neighborhood is about! Having micro-practices for gratitude is really fitting for the season. Think about what you're thankful for (on Thanksgiving). Send 'Thank You' cards for gifts and for the people who care for you all through the holidays.

I love seasonal transitions to notice my connection with nature. It can be grounding any time of year to notice the plants in and around your home, neighborhood, or on you commute. What do you see or feel? What's your reflection? 

On August 31, I stepped outside just before sundown. The temperature had dropped about 20 degrees since yesterday evening. The sky cast in soft grey with hues of oranges and pinks breaking through. I took a breath; at the same time a gust of wind swirled, lifting the loose curls from around my face.  And a single golden leaf danced to the ground.  The wheel keeps moving...

Now it is early December, and I feel the wheel turn again. For my family, we're moving to Winter. And The Care Neighborhood will be taking a rest. So, as we conclude this time of reflection together...

We hope you had a blessed Fall (or Spring)! And we wish you well for the Winter (or Summer)! Take lots of time to yourself, love others.









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