Spring in Review

  Beginning the Season with a refresh of the mantle.  Working on our aesthetics and space is part of our usual Spring Cleaning.  Plus this year, I had the added motivation from The Possibility Department GYST with the Pentacle Program.   Back to Florida to visit with family. There may have been some touristy shenanigans too! May Day with a celebration of all the diverse gifts folks bring to our communities at Tree of Life Unitarian Universalist Congregation .     Movies and Legos for Mother's Day fun.  I'm celebrating the way the kiddo encourages us to be playful! Such a gorgeous time to notice the lushness of nature. Joanna DeVoe is journeying through the Tarot.  Here's my take on the coloring page.  And this rainbow greeting me on a road trip gives me the same Magician vibes.  Check out Jo's Patreon for more info. After Spring had sprung, we welcome Summer.  May this be a season of warmth and joy! (For our friends in the Southern Hemisphere too, though it comes in

Autumn Reflections

Autumn Reflections Happy Fall, Y'all!  -from our family to yours At The Care Neighborhood we had a few practices over the season. Cozy AF (alcohol-free) Nights Honoring Ancestors on November Eve / Halloween Social Hours Self-care Micro-practices Thanksgiving As we transition to the next season, I want to pause and reflect and recap a few things from the autumn/fall. Cozy AF (alcohol-free) Nights:  Statistics show that alcohol consumption has increased over the past few years, especially during the Pandemic. I found myself drinking more than I wanted and drinking every day in 2020.  I reached out to a counselor, and she gave me the advice to try a sober night once or twice a week.  It could help to break the pattern, help me practice other methods of relaxation, and cut back my alcohol consumption overall.  I was glad to share my own practice in The Care Neighborhood, invite community care into this self-care practice.   Here are some ideas for an alcohol-free night on any day of th

The Care Neighborhood Summer Summary

Hello Neighbors! And Happy September! This past season likely had a mix of emotions, highs and lows (feelings and climate); still, we hope that overall you are well.  It's been a full summer for the Gonzalez-Rowley family at The Care Neighborhood.  We celebrated Pride with a local community.  Enjoyed family birthdays...We have so many June Bdays between us!...We got to travel a bit - a trip out east, seeing family and friends by the lake, a road trip to a nearby destination. The end of summer heat invited time for rest and The Care Neighborhood's Celebration of Play! So, here it is: The Summer Summary... May Plant Blessing June LGBTQ+ Pride We celebrated with a nearby neighborhood with to-go Pride Picnics, Window Paintings, and raising funds for a new youth drop-in center. Birthdays A little bit goes a long way for someone to feel special on their special day--A bit of cake, decorations, and good friends to celebrate! There's also occasions to make a splash...A trip to the