Spring in Review

  Beginning the Season with a refresh of the mantle.  Working on our aesthetics and space is part of our usual Spring Cleaning.  Plus this year, I had the added motivation from The Possibility Department GYST with the Pentacle Program.   Back to Florida to visit with family. There may have been some touristy shenanigans too! May Day with a celebration of all the diverse gifts folks bring to our communities at Tree of Life Unitarian Universalist Congregation .     Movies and Legos for Mother's Day fun.  I'm celebrating the way the kiddo encourages us to be playful! Such a gorgeous time to notice the lushness of nature. Joanna DeVoe is journeying through the Tarot.  Here's my take on the coloring page.  And this rainbow greeting me on a road trip gives me the same Magician vibes.  Check out Jo's Patreon for more info. After Spring had sprung, we welcome Summer.  May this be a season of warmth and joy! (For our friends in the Southern Hemisphere too, though it comes in