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Content and Authentic

Happy Mental Health Monday!  Here’s a little post about overcoming addiction.  This is from my personal perspective, not meant as professional health advice. (For a different option, here is the National Institute on Drug Abuse approach.) I hope you find this caring and nonjudgmental.  Maybe it is helpful even if you aren’t specifically dealing with addiction, but simply striving to be your content and authentic self. My perception is that every story of addiction is different. Using the Enneagram, I identify my personality as type 7- The Enthusiast, and that means I’m motivated by pain avoidance.  So in my perspective, the main plot is that a person feels bad and uses something to feel something other than that bad feeling. At some point the use can shift to abuse; in other words, the use hurts health - physical, mental / emotional, and/or relational. The use/abuse brings more bad feelings, and leads away from the life the person wants.  I’m using the word addiction to descri

Cheer Up the Lonely Day

Yesterday, July 11 was "Cheer up the Lonely Day."  I found this out while looking online for what do people celebrate in July.  It seems like any day can be a "DAY." And the national days range from profound to absurd.  I've heard of Umbrella Day, Pi Day, Star Wars Day, Talk like a Pirate Day, etc etc etc... Anyhow, I was glad to learn that "Cheer up the Lonely Day" is a thing, because it seems like the kind of thing we need right now.  There are so many chances to be lonely.  Many of us are maintaining physical distance, limiting our in person gatherings, avoiding normalcy crowds, spending time on video meetings - holding a carefully crafted paying attention persona.  Many of us are grieving losses that provide chances to feel isolated.  Many of us experience fear and anxiety about the future.  I am wondering: What does life look like in this odd reality of an ongoing pandemic?  What kind of grief and loss is yet to come? One of the main reasons

Hearts of Pride Affirmations

Hello Lovely Friends.  Happy July 1!  I hope you hold in your hearts love and acceptance all through the year.  I wanted to end The Care Neighborhood celebration of pride with affirmations.  These are statements to affirm who we are and how we love, to break down the transphobic and queerphobic messages we may have heard through our lives. I'm grateful to everyone who supported Hearts of Pride, those who encouraged me, allowed me to share they're Pride celebrations and those who contributed affirmations. Thank you to Saebyl, Emily, Rebecca, Marina, Christina, Andrew, Jo and Laura, Andrea, Patrick, Millie, Sam and Alyssa, Luchiana, Joanna of Hippie Witch and shout out to the Dream Team!, Danielle of Black Care Matters, the Community Renewal Society in Chicago, Tuck Woodstock of Gender Reveal Podcast, and Imara of Trans Lash Media. And a special thanks to my wife Allyson for the ways you love me and let me be free to be me. If you have an Affirmation to share wi