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Growing Gratitude

  It is not an uncommon practice to use the month of November for a daily gratitude challenge.  I've done this in years past. And in 2020 I started participating in a gratitude challenge with a Discord group.  It was shared with our group by Brittany of Intuitive Marketing.  The form came from Positively Present, @positivelypresent on Instagram.  This daily gratitude with the group has been inspiring, peaceful, simply lovely.   So, I was surprised by the resistance I felt in myself when I wanted to share daily gratitude for the week leading up to Thanksgiving (US holiday). I mean it was like bawling, hide my head in a pillow, toddler energy....Crying into a pillow is something I often did as a kid, and I vividly remember the smell, the soak of tears in that rust-colored velvet cushion.... Yet remembering that, it still took some purposeful reflection to identify my feeling. I did a body and mind check. Just stretching, then sitting still, and scanning what pains, energies, feeling