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Cozy Home Blessing

I like Fall as a time of year to turn my attention homeward.  On the other side of the world from me, it is Spring.  That is also a time when I am thinking about home, intentionally cleansing and organizing my space.  So starting on the Equinox and ending at the Full Moon, The Care Neighborhood offered Home Blessings, a bit of Cottage Magick each day.    Day One: A fresh herb wreath.  This one uses basil and 2 types of sage from our gardens. How do you welcome the changing of the seasons? Day 2 : A bath time brew. This spooky color comes from a bath bomb from the local farmer's market. What's in your bath tun cauldron?   Day 3 : Snuggles with a pet.  Our homes are blessed by our animal friends and family.   Day 4 : Pajama Party! It's fun to wear your comfy and festive clothes.  Clothes can be self-care and glam magick?  What's your go to cozy outfit?   Day 5 : Pumpkins! These gourds are symbols of prosperity and protection. Day 6 : Care for the home in your heart. Not e