Cozy Home Blessing

I like Fall as a time of year to turn my attention homeward.  On the other side of the world from me, it is Spring.  That is also a time when I am thinking about home, intentionally cleansing and organizing my space.  So starting on the Equinox and ending at the Full Moon, The Care Neighborhood offered Home Blessings, a bit of Cottage Magick each day. 


Day One: A fresh herb wreath.  This one uses basil and 2 types of sage from our gardens. How do you welcome the changing of the seasons?

Day 2 : A bath time brew. This spooky color comes from a bath bomb from the local farmer's market. What's in your bath tun cauldron?


Day 3 : Snuggles with a pet.  Our homes are blessed by our animal friends and family.


Day 4 : Pajama Party! It's fun to wear your comfy and festive clothes.  Clothes can be self-care and glam magick?  What's your go to cozy outfit?


Day 5 : Pumpkins! These gourds are symbols of prosperity and protection.

Day 6 : Care for the home in your heart. Not everyone has a home they love, feel loved in, or feel safe in. So, tonight’s blessing is for imagining and finding the things that “home” can be. I like to express my hope for home with symbols, sketches. Here’s my representation of a cottage of respite and care.

Day 7 : Make friends with a tree....near where you live, dwell, chill. Spend time with it. Start paying attention to it, how it changes, grows, reacts.

What can you learn from your tree? What might you be like if you were a tree?



Day 8 : Freshen up the bedding.  That may mean changing to the cooler sheets, or adding another layer. This gorgeous, comforting weighted blanket was a gift from my wife.  It invites me to hide away for a bit. 

How do you make your bed?

Day 9 : “Money spell” - a reminder to welcome and care for resources. Gratitude for sowing and reaping.

Mint, eucalyptus candle, sage leaves, salt, tied ribbon, and coins on a pretty floral plate. 

Day 10 : Sing (or howl) under the light of moon! One of the first songs the kiddo learned to sing was, "I see the moon and the moons sees me. The moon sees somebody I want to see. God bless the moon and God bless me.  God bless somebody I want to see."

I also like Bad Moon Rising, Dancing in the Moonlight, Paper Moon... what are your favorite Moon tunes? 🌕🎼  

May we all be singing again at our second full moon this month!



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