Plant Blessing

Plants bless us in many ways......

The food we eat  

How we show someone we love them

Sending thoughts in times of Grief

Medicine / Herbalism


Beauty all around us

Mutual sharing of life. They breathe out and we breathe in.




The joy of blessing plants is the practice of noticing what we might have taken for granted. Seeing how small, simple in the tiniest crevice and how huge it is, complex and woven into everything. To be mindful of the earth, our source, our home. And there can be a justice element - how we care for our plants is how we care for each other. To push back on our greed and our striving, and to reject the ways we might ask others to toil and labor thanklessly for us.  

How can we be kind and grateful? To see the beauty and the blessing and not ask for too much. 

We remember that every harvest won’t be perfect.  We sit with the sad parts too - hunger, pests, sharing with rascally animals we didn't intend to share with, and believe there is abundance even though we may experience seasons of less.  How can we tend to that creatively?


In this Plant Blessing, we want to start with the simple part. Showing kindness, gratitude, care to the plants in our lives. Of course, at the same time as our kind words and thoughts, we also take action - tending to the balance in the soil, providing water, light, the right temperature...

Our blessings are not only about our thoughts, but also about our actions.

We continue to extend an invitation for anyone to share about their plants.  Feel free to @TheCareNeighborhood and #PlantBlessing on Instagram. We bless, love, care, and celebrate with you!

We borrow a portion of the words from Blessing of Houseplants

May these living creatures, our plants,
   breathe life into our home.
They live. They breathe. They grow.
   Blessed be life!
   Blessed be breath!
   Blessed be growth!

Bless these plants.
   They have developed from seeds.
Blessed be small beginnings.
   They have been watered with care.
Blessed be attention and nurturing.
   They have grown in the midst of mud.
Blessed be the fruit of fertile messiness.
   They smile at the sun.
Blessed be openness and optimism.
   They flower forth in beauty.
Blessed be our hopes and dreams.

-by William John Fitzgerald in "Blessings for the Fast Paced and Cyberspaced"

ceyda-ciftci photo from unsplash



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