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Pet and Animal Blessing for Earth Day Celebration

Animals are our companions or pets... They are also mysterious cohabitants of the planet who play different roles and sometimes seem to live by different rules than we humans. We have working and resourceful relationships with animals.  We are grateful for their service in many ways... Food Transport Labor  Therapy Throughout the Spring, in The Care Neighborhood we turn attention to our relationships with other living things: Animals in April and Plants in May.  Now, in loving kindness for our pets... May they be happy, well, and peaceful Photos which are not mine are from Unsplash. Credit to Photographers: Natalie Rhea, Greta Scholderie, Varun Verma, and Ryan Stone

Celebrating Creativity

Hope you all are having a wonderful spring/fall!  As the season revved up, The Care Neighborhood began mini celebrations of creativity, posted on Instagram.  Here is the recap: Day 1 - Creating Space for Creativity On IG I shared my desk space, but I'm having a little trouble with the video clip here.  So, this is a photo of tools for grounding or centering, and creating a bit of magick for myself on-the-go!                         Day 2 - Play and Imagination  Our family set all the chairs out across the house to play "The Floor is Lava." Skip to 2:26 for the kiddo's solo run.