The Care Neighborhood Summer Summary

Hello Neighbors!

And Happy September! This past season likely had a mix of emotions, highs and lows (feelings and climate); still, we hope that overall you are well.  It's been a full summer for the Gonzalez-Rowley family at The Care Neighborhood.  We celebrated Pride with a local community.  Enjoyed family birthdays...We have so many June Bdays between us!...We got to travel a bit - a trip out east, seeing family and friends by the lake, a road trip to a nearby destination. The end of summer heat invited time for rest and The Care Neighborhood's Celebration of Play!

So, here it is: The Summer Summary...


Plant Blessing


LGBTQ+ Pride

We celebrated with a nearby neighborhood with to-go Pride Picnics, Window Paintings, and raising funds for a new youth drop-in center.


A little bit goes a long way for someone to feel special on their special day--A bit of cake, decorations, and good friends to celebrate!

There's also occasions to make a splash...A trip to the Cape with my sister for her 40th! 
(after we both got the COVID vax)

July and August

Celebration of Play!

There are so many ways to be playful...

Relaxing with a Treat

Fun and Games


Getting lost with a good book...

Or...We love Movies!

Thank you for joining The Care Neighborhood as we find moments of ritual.  We create magic in the mundane things by noticing.  We see our lives are full of small (and great) wonders, especially in moments of creativity, connection, and coziness. I think the summer brought all those things for us, and we're glad to share them with you!


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