Fire and Hearth Magick

Hey All!  I want to start by saying Thank You SO Much!!!! for the participation, support, and love you are sharing with The Care Neighborhood. Recently, we posted a bit of daily fire and hearth magick on Instagram.
πŸ”₯That series ended on November 1, with co-hosting a Virtual Bonfire with Luchiana from The Possibility Department. 

If you didn't know, The Possibility Department is one of our Neighbors. Check out the Department and others on our Neighborhood Shops page.

Here's a recap of our Fire and Hearth series: 

Using my favorite red pot to simmer up some homemade sauce. Wishing I could invite everyone over for spaghetti!


The fireplace: An invitation for warmth, closeness. The mantle: to share our stories thru small symbols, knickknacks, images.  

The line from Shel Silverstein’s poem - Invitation - often rings thru my mind. “If you’re a pretender, come sit by my fire. For we have some flax-golden tales to spin. Come in. Come in.”

Reflecting on Fire with Oracle cards. These images are from Everyday Witch Oracle.

I see confidence, adventure...What do you see?

Here’s a Hearth Blessing by putting the kettle on. Take a moment of warmth and rest with a cup of tea. I made chai with whisky and honey. 
What’s in your cozy cup? 

Pumpkin Spice and Practical Magic presented by a fun witchy creatrix - The Fat Feminist Witch! This gave me some metaphorical warmth on a rainy, autumn walk with the dog. Enjoy your pumpkin spice everything! Feminist solidarity against misogyny.

A bedside lamp with a little glam, a luxurious throw pillow, a dreamy scented candle...Where do you add or find glamour, beauty, and special things around you? May there be blessings of beauty and joy in simple things. 

A virtual bonfire as a space to gather (online), watch the image of flames, and share.  The time and space was an invitation to "bring what you will to the fire."  Fire can be a source of destruction and creation.  So, offerings to our virtual bonfire including things that folks were releasing, transforming, or adding fire energy.  We also took time to honor our ancestors, as well as commit to breaking old patterns from the past - theirs and our own.
Again, I am so grateful for the community that gathered for the virtual bonfire, for those who added their hearth and fire magickπŸ”₯πŸ’–... and for all of us, as we continue to care through creativity, connection, and coziness.

*photo credit to Henry Perks for Bonfire pic.


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