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The Care Neighborhood

a place for creativity, connection, and coziness

I mentioned in the Welcome post that I would share more about the neighborhood and me.  So here we go...

My name is Mariela Janelle and I am the curator of The Care Neighborhood.  To be the curator means I gather components that make the neighborhood special and I oversee the community.

By "gather..." I mean highlight the resources that show up with the people who participate in the neighborhood.  That will be a mix of dream chasers, problem solvers, artistic and crafting types.  I'll facilitate space for meaning making rituals (like the recent Pet Blessing), collaborations on other projects, and host cozy virtual gatherings.  I'm picturing the aspects of a neighborhood that can translate to online space.  Neighborhoods include libraries, community centers, parks, spirituality groups, health and wellness facilities, fitness centers, local businesses, stores, gathering places - like bars and cafes, etc. etc. etc....There's so much to make a neighborhood. There's so much life in a neighborhood!

I must not neglect to mention the homes. That functions this way... I want the folks who join in, to explore and relax in the neighborhood; And at the same time, I recognize each person comes from and returns to their own whole self and autonomous life. (We'll be neighbors, not roommates.) Now if The Care Neighborhood can provide holistic care and grow someone's sense of feeling at home in their self and their life, then that is meeting The Care Neighborhood purpose.

I'm choosing to "oversee" because I want this to be an ethical, trust-building neighborhood. In terms of ethics, the neighborhood resources need to function as they have the expertise and capacity to do so.  While hospitals might provide services for IRL communities, I don't anticipate facilitating someone offering medical or clinical psychological care.  Anytime people are involved there are chances of harm and hurt.  I hope to minimize that, and if that happens, it my responsibility to moderate the response.

This neighborhood is experiential - organically forming from people's participation in and experience of the project.  It is also intentional - crafted with vision and purpose.  Right now this is my passion, steeped in my experience and intention.  The Care Neighborhood comes from my heart and mind.  If you follow The Care Neighborhood on Instagram, you might notice a huge blend with me personally.   So, I invite you to know me a bit.  I'll do my best to bring my authentic self to the neighborhood.

My name is Mariela Janelle (she, her pronouns).  I'm a hospital chaplain, chaplain educator-in-training, and celebrant endorsed as a Humanist. (My worldview centers on humans caring for self and each other.  Generally, I identify as non-theistic, but specifically I lean toward being a pantheist.  For me the sacred is in the fabric of being and relationship. Also, I practice magick, a secular craft, mainly cottage witchery intention and practical care.)  I'm going to be 37 at the end of June.  I feel confident and happy in my mid to late thirties. (That's been a journey!) I got married in 2018 to the lovely Allyson.  I'm a co-parent to Sam.  Our family now has 3 animal companions: a cat, a fish, and a dog.  We live in a suburb in     Illinois, about an hour from Chicago.

I like puzzles, sci-fi and fantasy TV, books (especially audiobooks lately), mostly witchy and feminist podcasts, arts and crafts, cooking, good food and wine, to name a few things.

I am looking forward to spending time in The Care Neighborhood with new friends.  Feel free to reach out...

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