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Autumn Reflections

Autumn Reflections Happy Fall, Y'all!  -from our family to yours At The Care Neighborhood we had a few practices over the season. Cozy AF (alcohol-free) Nights Honoring Ancestors on November Eve / Halloween Social Hours Self-care Micro-practices Thanksgiving As we transition to the next season, I want to pause and reflect and recap a few things from the autumn/fall. Cozy AF (alcohol-free) Nights:  Statistics show that alcohol consumption has increased over the past few years, especially during the Pandemic. I found myself drinking more than I wanted and drinking every day in 2020.  I reached out to a counselor, and she gave me the advice to try a sober night once or twice a week.  It could help to break the pattern, help me practice other methods of relaxation, and cut back my alcohol consumption overall.  I was glad to share my own practice in The Care Neighborhood, invite community care into this self-care practice.   Here are some ideas for an alcohol-free night on any day of th