Welcome to The Care Neighborhood!

Hello beautiful friend, I am so glad that you are here.  
This is The Care Neighborhood: a place for creativity, connection, and coziness.  

CREATIVITY:  Here we imagine solutions and dream big. In this neighborhood we magickally co-create with the universe. We celebrate creativity of arts, crafts, music, writing, and many other types!

CONNECTION:  This is a welcoming neighborhood.  We seek to understand as much as we seek to be understood.  Regardless of whether we agree or disagree, we see the sacred humanity in each other.  We gather for meaning-making rituals, collaboration, and simply good chats. Our purpose is to care for each other.  Because we are neighbors in this interconnected web of life.  

COZINESS:  Come as you are to this place of hope and healing.  I invite you to feel at home.  Like, put on a pair of comfy socks and sip your favorite luxurious liquid. Or do the things that help you to be well.  We will explore resources for self-care and community care.

To be candid, this is the space that I need.  I'm a hospital chaplain, and a Humanist minister.  I'm a queer co-parent of a kid with special needs.  My life is busy, demanding, and isolating.  I've been longing to build community in a space that is flexible.  Virtual space is that.   I've dreamt of this neighborhood for a while, and the challenge of sheltering in place during the COVID-19 pandemic urges me to start now.

In the coming days I'll share more about me, what is The Care Neighborhood, and why.

Keep in touch...

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